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First day of school!

2007-09-04 18:24:52 by pwnsor

Today is the first day of high school for me (I'm in grade 9). Today is the first day of school so it's a shortened day, classes begin at 10:15 so I went on the Internet at 9:00 and stuff.

First of all I thought it would be horrible (if I didn't know anyone, harder homework, etc.). But there are actually 4 people I know from before in my class, and I didn't get any homework today. The math teacher is really great, he is really dynamic and is very flexible about the curriculum, if he doesn't like something in textbooks, he'll just make up his own problem. There's a major gender unbalance in my class, about 17 boys and only 3 girls. In the last period the teacher went through everything he had planned for so he gave us 15 minutes of free time.

After school, this guy started shouting my name, I look back and see this guy, Filip, from my junior high. I was like "wha??????????", but he said that in his school the last period ended at 1:00, so he was bored at came to my school.

There's also this gas station near my school and of course there is a convenience store the comes with it. This way when I'm certified to drive I can stop there for gas, and when I'm hungry I can buy some food there.

Overall, this day went much better than I expected.

And does anyone know if there's limit to the number of news posts an user can have?


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2007-09-04 18:31:04

Your first day? My first day was August 26th! (Dayum!)

And I don't know if there is a post limit.


2007-09-04 23:24:30

This was so random...