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Entry #4

My new animation.

2008-02-26 23:42:46 by pwnsor

Hi everybody!

Today I've just submitted my latest work, The Yin Yang Sword 3 Part 1. Make sure to check it out and give me some feedback! Thanks in advance.

If you think that this movie was perhaps not as good as the last one, please read my commentary.


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2008-02-27 00:33:59

I checked your other flash to see if they all were supposed to be silent. I guess only this one is? I don't want to watch it if it isn't the way you intended. But I'm sorta interested in seeing your progression. Also what frame rate did you use?

pwnsor responds:

I used 20 fps. And as I said in my commentaries on the movie. I wanted to add music but I could not access my fla. file, since I couldn't edit it anymore I decided to post it.


2008-02-27 01:03:04

Oh well. I see you don't like commenting. I was just attempting to be helpful by asking for more info. ;)

I am sorta curious too see how much author's who make stuff like this actually learn about the animation process over time.